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We provide unique meditation techniques that have been refined over the past twenty five years through spiritual channeling. Our guided meditations have proven to be effective tools for personal growth and transformation for thousands of people.

Cecilia Sifontes

My name is Cecilia Sifontes and I am delighted to welcome you to my website. I hope you will enjoy it and come back often.

The Higher Commands of Light

I have channelled the Higher Commands of Light since 1990 and worked as a spiritual teacher over more than 25 years. These loving guides are here to assist you in awakening to your true nature as a divine being. They first came to me when I had lost hope and was experiencing devastating life situations. It was through their loving wisdom and constant messages of light that I could change the problems in my life. They brought me to where I am today. They call themselves a "command of light" as it best describes what they do; commanding light in our multiverse to anyone that is ready to or have asked to receive it. Thus, their support is always there for you, it is never to late to bring light into your life, for energies can shift in a moment.

I have forwarded their beautiful and inspiring messages  in books, audio courses, articles, seminars and cards. The many spiritual guides in the Higher Commands of Light teach you to find love, spiritual power and light. They never tell you what to do or how you should live your life, rather they teach you how to connect to your own inner truth and how to manifest your deepest wishes while unfolding your potential.

The Higher Commands of Light has given us an immense treasure of thousands of guided meditations for every possible life situation and they keep lifting the energies of the earth with their deeply felt presence. Many of the transforming meditations are available as audio courses at this site.  


I am in a relaxed, yet awake state of awareness when I channel my guides, I feel fully present and aware of both my own thoughts and their messages. Contrary to what many people believe I do not feel as if I am in a trance state when I begin to channel them, however at the end of the channeling  I often realize that I feel spaced-out and in such an expanded state of awareness that I barely feel my body. While you listen you may have similar experiences for they will assist you in lifting your mind and awareness so gently that you may barely notice it until you are coming back.

The Higher Commands of Light say that they communicate with us through telepathic imprints and energies. Although their messages are beautiful and inspiring that is just a small part of the experience you may have when listening to them. For they transmit energies and light that will open your sense of self to higher dimensions allowing you to experience self in new and wonderful ways. As they lift your mind you may see your life from new perspectives, experience an increased awareness of what life is about - love and oneness beyond compare.

Although I have always seen Angels and beings of light it was not before I had experienced really terrible situations that I started listening to them. That was the best choice I ever made and I hope you will find similar inspiration through their presence. My greatest wish is to keep exploring the new dimensions and assist people like you to experience more peace, light, abundance and joy.

Before my work as a spiritual teacher I had studied statistics, psychology, psychiatry at the university and worked with medical research and clinical trials at a pharmaceutical company. Although I loved this work I always felt that something was missing and there should be more to life than what we normally perceive as humans. I am so grateful that I have found it and want to thank my guides for their loving presence, great patience and for never giving up on me.

More about Cecilia:

Cecilia Sifontes , the Creator of Lightflow, is a renowned Oracle who works with spiritual channeling in this exciting age of transformation. She has continuously brought us clear and systematic guidance from the Angels, Ascended Masters and inter-dimensional guides known as the Higher Commands of Light for over 25 years.

Cecilia is the original channel of The New Lightbody® and the author of many other spiritual seminars, articles, books, cards and CDs that you can learn more about on this website (see Web shop, Events & Seminars).

She continues to work with spiritual channeling, research and teaching various seminars and workshops on an annual schedule around the world as part of her work to promote peace, religious harmony and Oneness. (See Seminars with Cecilia Sifontes .)

Alexander Leitner

German Translator & Interpreter

It is his voice you hear in German on many CDs and at several seminars available through Lightflow. He is also a spiritual coach and channel working closely with Lightflow Productions AB.

Lightflow Productions Organizers

Roland Jundt

Project Manager of Spiritual Research, Channel and Teacher

Roland is a sensitive channel for crystalline energies, with the specific mission to live mastery of light in the physical life. For that he creates light events, gives seminars, channels new instruments of mastery and maintains a light-portal in Ziefen through which crystalline energies flow to support people in their spiritual growth - and that serve to open divinity for everyone on Earth. Together with his wife Beatrice, an incarnated Angel, he runs a spiritual center to support people on their spiritual path.

Roland organizes seminars and events for Cecilia and works as a project manager in the Lightflow Academy.

Wanted! New Lightflow Productions Organizers

The distribution of Lightflow products and the organizing of Lightflow events and seminars has been supported by many wonderful people over the years. If you work with a large network and would like to become an organizer in the Lightflow group, please contact us at