I have been a spiritual channel for more than 25 years and learned so much from all of you and my spiritual guides. I feel it is time to share their loving wisdom with you and the world. That's why I started to make a new videoseries that I call "Talks with Cecilia". I'm happy to present the first five videos here. My plan is to  make one new video/month. My guides and I look forward to get questions from you and you are more than welcome to send them to us at: cecilia@lightflow.info . Perhaps your question will be answered in one of our next videos:)

With Love from Cecilia

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The 2nd Wave of
spiritual evolution

The importance of lightwork
2016 - 2016

Meditation for 2015 - 2016
from the Angel of Oneness

What the Source
sees in you

What you see is what you create
Focus Pocus

Spiritual Mastery

How to support others
with spiritual light

How to deal
with suffering

Spaced out?
How to ground spiritual experiences