The Shimmer of Your Soul - a legend of light

A Legend of Light by Mother Mary

4 meditations and 2 explanatory talks on 4 CDs

This is the first part in a coming series of channelings by Mother Mary. While listening to "The Legend of Light" you will explore how the beautiful light of your Soul was created and your Soul began its journey into the physical world. For you this journey seems to take millions of years and include infinite incarnations all about the multiverse, but for your Soul it takes place in an instant and includes one life only.

 What are the key experiences I may have?

  • Listening to Mother Mary as she describes herself
  • Remembering Self
  • Experience your legend of light – the story that spiritual guides and angels remember as you
  • Remembering what Soul is
  • Experience the moment when you were created as light
  • Experiencing the totality of your being – through time and through the multiverse

About the product:

Media: CD-Skiva
Publisher: Lightflow Production AB
Published: 2013
Contents: 4 Meditations and 2 talks
Language: English/Deutsch