SIFMP3119 The Light Library of Crystalline Awareness - Kazakstan

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Activating The Light Library of Crystalline Awareness

Includes 21 guided meditations 

The 9th Library of Light on Earth is located in between Russia and Kazakhstan and emits crystalline awareness into the earth Grid. As you listen to these meditations you will connect to many higher beings who will open a new dimension for you and the earth. You will learn how to connect your web of light on the earth to the larger one belonging to your “Galactic Family”.

What are the key experiences I may have ?

  • Connecting to the 9th Library of Light and thereby expand into the dimensions of crystalline awareness 
  • Learn more about how the earth connects to planets having a similar evolution path and how that can support humanity 
  • Explore how your Soul weaves its web of life 
  • Open and activate the 9th Library of Light for its next step of evolution 
  • Learn more about the impulse generators in the multiverse and how they affect life and evolution 
  • Create a galactic grid 
  • Connect to the Angels of creative crystalline light and explore how their presence solidifies all energy-work 
  • Connect to the great being that once brought the new lightbody to Arcturus 
  • Accomplish the first step of “Galactic Return” 
  • Experience how the “One Being” enters the Earth for the first time 
  • Explore what multilayered awareness is and how to enlighten it

About the product:

Media: MP3s
Publisher: Lightflow Production AB
Published: 2016
Contents: 21 Meditations
Language: English