The Light Library of New Consciousness & Light

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The Light Library of New Consciousness & Light, Behring Sea

Language: English only (no German translation included)

The Planet of Light" is Mother Mary's project presented as a series of meditative courses. The energy work within the meditations marks a completion of light work that started thousands of years ago and that has since then been inactive. It is with great joy that she guides us in opening the 7 hidden chambers of angelic light that will invigorate the many light structures that have been built or (re)activated over the past decades by light workers like you. These most powerful chambers of light were hidden within structures that repel divinity 4-5.000 years ago. Hidden as a way to delay the manifestation of the planet of light, until the time was right - which is now. By listening to the meditations in this course you support the evolution of humanity to become highly evolved spiritual beings and help in creating a new higher direction for all of us. You will work specifically with the lightstructure in between Iran, Iraq and Kuwait and receive many gifts of light from other Mary and other spiritual guides.

About the product:

Length(min.) 22 Meditations
Media: MP3s
Publisher: Lightflow Production AB
Published: 2015
Contents: Chanelings by Cecilia Sifontes
Media type: MP3-fil