MP3s The One Self - how to stop efforting. Lightbody Advanced


MP3s The One Self - how to stop efforting. Lightbody Advanced

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The New Lightbody

The One Self - how to stop efforting

This audio course for homestudy also includes coaching by a Lightflow Teacher via phone, Skype and/or e-mail 1 time per week for 3 months, giving you the opportunity to personally ask questions* to receive clarity and general guidance in your lightbody process.

What are the key experiences I may have?

  • increased luminosity
  • increased spiritual strength
  • being a more powerful transmitter of light
  • increased mastery over thoughts and feelings
  • bringing your life to a more fluid flow (an experience that things are going from one to the next and simply floating without too much planning and decision making)
  • lifting into the dimensions where fluid flow is a natural state • letting go of blocking lightand joy
  • letting go of effort • building a new lightbody ray (R28) 
  • creating a shift in the collective
  • supporting humanity to let go of struggle



1. The New Lightbody® Rays of Enlightenment and Divinity - Basic

About the product:

Length(min.) 16 Meditations
Media: MP3S
Publisher: Lightflow Production AB
Published: 2015
Contents: speltid
Media type: MP3-fil