Your Healing Lightbody - preparing the healers of humanity


Your Healing Lightbody - preparing the healers of humanity

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Preparing the Healers of Humanity:
Your Healing Lightbody

by Archangel Michael

This product contains 14 meditations, channeled in English and a booklet in English.
13 of the meditations include German translation.

This vital information for light workers was channeled in 2010 when Archangel Michael travelled to Crete to work at the 5th Library of Light there. It is intended as a support for light workers in their work to heal the collective of humanity and will also serve to open energies and information within you that you will work with in the future.

Throughout the meditations Michael sets up your Healing Light Body and guides you in ways to work with it. He introduces you to a blue light that will assist you to view what goes on in humanity without being affected by their drama. Thereby, you can maintain a clear head and work with whatever serves the Higher Plan for the moment without disturbances. For me personally, this is an especially interesting course for in it I how found much clarification about my present light work and tools in how to serve life on our beautiful planet in the easiest way.  As you listen to these channelings Michael and his Angels will support you while your power grows and your light expands.

Lots of Love and Light,

Cecilia Sifontes

About the product:

Media: MP3:s
Publisher: Lightflow Production AB
Published: 2017
Contents: 14 Meditations
Language: English/Deutsch