Live-channeled by Cecilia Sifontes


Cecilia Sifontes is an extraordinary clear spiritual channel and dedicated Lightworker who continuously explores new dimensions as a way to anchor divine qualities on Earth, to enlighten the world and to enable intergalactic communication. She is the creator of Lightflow, the original channel of The New Lightbody® and the author of many spiritual seminars, articles, books, cards and CDs. She received the “All African Religion Peace Award” in 2002 following her spiritually guided work to promote peace, religious harmony and oneness. 

She has channeled countless timeless seminars for spiritual growth, many of which you can enjoy with one of her licensed teachers of by ordering the CDs/MP3s presented on this website. 

Under the "Upcoming workshops.." section, to the left, you find the events/seminars involving Cecilia and her guides planned up to date. The other sections present all the seminars, available for the public so far, one of her licensed teachers will be happy to give upon request or have planned. Alternatively you may order the recordings from the seminar and listen to them in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy!