The 5 Keys to Mastery is a magical way to work with five important keys that enable you to understand how the Source creates reality and how to use them in your life to create a life with ease, flow, harmony and prosperity – enjoying loving relationships and doing what you love most. 

Included in this course:


  • One volume of meditations on CDs/MP3s charged that will be charged with individual energies for you to promote your evolution is these high spaces.

There are 2 ways to study this course:

  1. Ordering the one or both volumes of meditations available on CDs /MP3s,(the 2 albums include different meditations on the 5 Keys to Mastery). There is also a book on the 5 keys to Mastery in German which can be ordered in a bookshop.
  2. Taking this course as a seminar with one of our licenced teachers, who will be happy to sponsor you as transform your life.



This product is available in 2 languages, either English or German

Available in the bookstore:

The book on the 5 keys to Mastery co-authored by Cecilia Sifontes & Reindjen Anselmi is available in German and can be ordered in the bookshop.

KOHA Verlag,  ISBN: 3-936862-60-5


What are the key experiences I may have ?

This course is designed to support personal growth and transformation. The 5 Keys to Mastery are timeless tools that you can use and enjoy throughout your life.

  • Exploring what focus is and how you can direct in the same as the Source
  • Creating your own vision for life or a goal and creating it with ease and joy
  • Exploring how the Source projects it’s creative energy and how you in a similar way can project your creative energy into your visions
  • How to release your original fear and become free
  • Oneness and how create more of it
  • Visiting the layers of Truth and learn how to bring truth into your life
  • Observe how reality is created and how easily you can create what you want