Abundance & Manifesting

One of the most important things on the spiritual path (and the most challenging for many lightworkers) is to master creating abundance in life. As world servers we may want to be able to travel wherever we are called to do energy work and living in abundance makes this easier, or we want to manifest a specific goal.  Creating for instance money can be difficult for many reasons, i.e some believe they do not deserve to live an abundant life, others have ideas that money is not spiritual or even evil, some cannot imagine how it is to live i abundance for the simple reason that they are not used to it. 

Living in abundance is not the same as being wasteful, it simply gives you the opportunity to be free to do what you want, to live where and how you want to, to travel wherever you wish and so on. Whatever the reason is that you want to create abundance you may find support in the meditative courses in this section. They include ways to change your beliefs about what you can have, tap into the higher flows of energy and create clear visions of what you want to acheive.