"Throughout the history of the Earth there have been beings here referred to as Gods or Goddesses - fully conscious beings living in divinity with bodies able to flow fluid crystalline light.
The time has come for the God/Goddesses to return."


Included in this course:


  • One volume of 10 guided meditations on CDs/MP3s charged that will be charged with individual energies for you to promote your evolution is these high spaces.

There are 2 ways to study this course:


  1. Ordering the volume available on CDs /MP3s and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.
  2. Taking this course as a seminar with one of our licensed teachers, who will be happy to sponsor you with creative ideas as you take the journey to transform your life.



This product is available in 2 languages, either English or German

What are the key experiences I may have ?


  • Receive guidance and energetic support to complete your sequence of energy work on
  • Remember more about the times of Gods and Goddesses on the Earth
  •  the Earth
  • Experience the state of fluid crystalline light
  • Let your Soul connect every part of your body to the Source
  • Let your body experience the state of a God or Goddess
  • Work with the Key of the Crystal Body
  • Float in the everlasting moment and begin the completion of your live's purpose
  • Experience floating consciousness and explore the creation of existence.


Background music:

Keeper of Time by InDiGo from Theta Förlag, no longer availabe