"We offer this course to support you in healing sexuality
while at the same time heal sexuality
for the collective of humanity.
It is time to free up your energy
and become the powerful creator that you are!
With Love Archangel Michael"


Healing Sexuality - Releasing your power

Archangel Michael made this course for all of us regardless sexual preference. It does not present any new spiritual technique to having sex, but works solely on the energies in and around sex in your individual as well the collective energy fields. Angels have a deep love for you and as you listen to these meditations they will support you in clearing your mental, emotional and physical energy so that you may open for the infinite love, the expanded consciousness and the wonderful physical and spiritual experiences that are possible when you blend with another Soul and engage in sexuality or when you have sex with Self.

Included in this course:


  • One volume of meditations on CDs/MP3s charged that will be charged with individual energies for you to promote your evolution is these high spaces.
There are 2 ways to study this course:
  1. Ordering the volume of meditations in English available on CDs /MP3s and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.
  2. Taking this course as a seminar with one of our licensed teachers, who will be happy to sponsor you with creative ideas as you take the journey to transform your life.


This product is available in English with consecutive translation to German

What are the key experiences I may have ?

  • Clearing obstacles that inhibit you from living fully.
  • Connecting to the Angels of Sexuality and receive support from them in clearing your sexual energies
  • Lifting illusionary ideas aroud sexuality
  • Liberating the drama and trauma around sexuality in Self and in the collective of humanity
  • Healing and releasing past experiences of sexuality that you no longer wish to have
  • Designing Life – Healing your essence and expanding your potential
  • Liberating sexuality within the 5 pillars of society
  • Creating the new earth grid for sexuality
  • Listening to humanity – creating the new world

Background music:

Music from Theta Förlag, www.theta.se