January 21st 2016 19.00 CET

Participate on location: Stansstad, Switzerland, or online


  • Is peace possible?
  • What are the spiritual perspectives on natural disasters and terror attacks?
  • What can we as light workers do to create “The Planet of Light” and what is it?

This may be what you have been waiting for, a video channel full of spiritual news from several channels. For it is time that we all join our wisdom, skills and inspiration and share it with the world. For all of us are here to, in one way or another, create “The Planet of Light”. We may approach it in different ways but the end goal is the same for all light workers and spiritually interested people.

In 2016 it will be increasingly important to gather light workers in peace- and energy projects, or so my guides say. That’s why Roland and I decided to start a news channel with messages from the higher dimensions, for despite the way the world looks in the moment, many things are falling into place on the energy planes and will begin to manifest as light and peace in our world.

So, welcome to join us on the first event,

Cecilia & Roland