The Higher Commands of Light made this series on Divine Peace to introduce easy meditative tools and energy work to support you in making your life more peaceful, joyful and increase the potential for love, harmony and Oneness.

Divine peace is so much more than the absence of conflicts and power-struggles, it is a beautiful state of being where you are totally connected to the Source of All that Is. There is a great need for peace and stability at this time and while you listen to the 5 independent courses divine peace you will receive support from many spiritual guides and Angels dedicated to bring peace to Earth. As you relax with beautiful meditations you will learn to;


* Develop an understanding of what Divine Peace is and how you can create a peaceful life for you and the world.

* Develop a sense of peace within that allows you to see the world with a peaceful mind even in otherwise upsetting situations . A peaceful mind frees up your energy and gives you more energy to focus on what you like to create.

* Become a stable source of peace and light for others.

The meditation courses on Divine Peace are part of a global movement to bring peace to planet Earth. The 5 Divine Peace courses contain numerous journeysthat provide the energetic foundation for Divine Peace both on an individual and global level. We welcome you to begin this important journey that will introduce Divine Peace into your life and open a door to a vast spiritual service through meditation that is being done by thousands of people throughout the world today.

As you listen to the meditations in this series, imagine that work together with all others who listen to these meditations through time. When you combine your light with others who are working for Divine Peace a far more powerful effect can be achieved. 

How it all started