As we awaken spiritually and begin to explore our Soul and awaken our light we also begin to unveil the divine plan for humanity.  The more we explore, the more there is to explore and gradually we begin to see a larger picture that include much more than we ever thought possible. The divine plan can be said to include 12 steps of light where each step will be visited and finely tuned before the entire plan will manifest. The awakening that you’ve experienced on the earth, where you’ve activated your light, opened for the ascension process, begun to heal self, connected to soul and Spirit and Source – is but one small part in this divine plan. So there is much fun ahead of you, many more steps that are worth visiting. The meditation series on the 12 steps of the divine plan is made to explain these steps of evolution.

You and others who are drawn to these meditations belong to one Soul Family with the special purpose to open the way for others by speeding up the evolution in the collective mind of humanity. You are here to manifest the 12 steps of the divine plan for humanity, which begins with exploring much more than you are aware of today.


Have fun,


Cecilia & The Higher Commands of Life