About the 10 Libraies of Light

Dear One,

The 10 libraries were planted into the Earth millions of years ago, just when the intent for life in physical form came through. Each library is like an intelligent lifeform, coded with information (past, present & future) for the earth as well as for all beings who will live on the planet. If you like they are like computers for the planet, that run the whole machinery.

Each library has responsibility for certain topics like Divine Peace, Life Force, Transformation, Truth, Consciousness and so on. They are much vaster than we can grasp with our mind at the moment - so rather than limiting our understanding of them, we are asked to open for the vastness of existence, because that is how we will get acess to their potential. 

Advanced extraterrestrial cultures have been living on each library, all with the same purpose; to prepare the planet by seeding  energies for the great time of transformation we currently live in. Perhaps you where there? I clearly remember living on some of them.

Much work was made to program and reprogram them as time went by. At the time of Atlantis, there was for instance progressive work done with them that we currently benefit from. Unfortunately some destruction occured at that time, not within the libraries but in the inner-grid of the Earth.

The extraterrestrial cultures lived in harmony with the joint mission to bring this planet to a higher vibration - not only to make the earth a better place, but also to make the manifestation of the New Earth a catalyst, that initiates sequences of effects throughout the cosmos, throughout existence.

When the earth lifts itself into a higher vibration, then all of existence will be affected as a direct consequence of Oneness. No one will be left out of paradise, no matter what you have done, no matter  how you have lived. Many lightworkers are travelling all around the planet to bring in energies to harmonise the innergrid, so that the energies from the Libraries-of-Light can flow effectively.  You and I and thousands of people once decided to incarnate on earth in this lifetime to activate the Libraries-of-Light with our light and our high dimensional connections. Thus I hope that you will support the next step of activation of the 10 libraries by sending light, meditating on the inner planes or being present at one or more of  the seminars. Your light and presence is of great value to this work.

Once the activation of the 10 Libraries is completed we will commence a powerful reprogramming of the 7 repelling structures within our planet.

Blessings dear one and warmly welcome to take part in these activations,

Cecilia Sifontes