Why awaken your Lightbody?


"The New Lightbody helped me become

the person I want to be. My life is richer and

I feel happier and more open than before."


What is The New Lightbody®? 

The new light body  is a wonderful and easy way to build rays of enlightenment and divinity into your energy – so that your life becomes a perfect reflection of this. It is based on the principle; when you change your vibration your life changes and reflects the new vibration. The rays are extremely powerful and have, according to guides and angels, been used at many planets and stars in their ascension process.

The new light body techniques was given to me at a very difficult time of my life, I had basically lost everything that mattered to me when I was visited by an extraterrestrial consciousness, called Artee. He showed me beautiful geometric light structures and taught me how to work with them in order to change all the situations in my life.cTo my great surprise, life changed immediately for the better and has continued that way ever since. Many light workers who studied the light body techniques have similar stories to tell.

We have soon spent 20 years to anchor these frequencies all over the planet so to form a beautiful and stable structure of light around the earth. In the beginning, Artee was very concerned that we first had to build the frequencies very stably into the earth grid before they could be spread in wider fashion.

How do I know The New Lightbody® is for me?

The new light body is known to speed up your path of enlightenment and spiritual growth and is suitable when you feel drawn to these structures of light and wish a rapid inner change. It inspires you to see the world from a higher perspective and change your life by working with the energies of a situation as well as by changing your ideas about life.

In what way is The New Lightbody® different from other light body techniques?

The light bodies of humanity are presently undergoing a process of awakening and activation; spiritual guides from all over the universe are calling us to awaken to light. Every human has a lightbody and you are free to build light of different kinds into it to achieve specifi c results. The new lightbody holds all the frequencies of enlightenment and divinity that you need for planetary and individual ascension in Oneness.

Can I work with The New Lightbody® and still work with other techniques? And how about faith?

The new lightbody is a set of lightstructures that works well with any faith and can be combined with any other spiritual technique. In general the new lightbody gives more power and ads light to any part of your life. 

The New Lightbody® is a way to work with your life as energy that enables you to develop the higher skills of a spiritual master and become your higher self.  By awakening specific structures of enlightenment and divinity in your energy you can bring your inner and outer life into resonance with the Divine Plan. The energies involved are very transforming and anyone working with this light can expect rapid changes in their lives. 

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