Ever wondered what’s next for you in this world??? 


And could you ever guess that your next step would be to act as a spiritual guide for humanity, transmitting to them from the higher planes of reality? That is what the Soul of Humanity invites you to be. 

The Soul of Humanity is a being that only connects to groups of light workers and she supports all of humanity in the new phase of evolution that we've just entered. Therefore, whenever you listen to her messages feel how you connect to all others working in this way throughout time and how you form one powerful group together.  She has never connected to the earth before but decided to come through at this time when so many souls are ready to anchor deeply into their physical incarnations.

Your soul has guided you to her because it wants you to open for this next step, otherwise you would not be reading this. The Soul of Humanity often works with the energies of divine sexuality - the highest creative power in existence - co-created by the Source and the Soul of Humanity. They invite courageous and dedicated light workers on earth to work with this energy. The only prerequisite they ask for is that you are ready to be part of the greater plans for all life by being a guide for humanity. You do not need to know how, for this they will guide you through in the courses under this section that will also deepen your own soul connection.

Divine Sexuality is a very high energy that has the potential to completely transform your mind – making you a more creative being. It may change your emotional experiences and lift them to the divine states of being. When you channel this energy in your body it will create many changes, not only, but certainly in the area of sexuality, increasing your ability to experience more of the higher dimensions during sex. Furthermore, it is the energy that will open many of the higher physical functions.