About the upcoming workshops

All workshops with Cecilia Sifontes are live-channeled and her guides adapts their messages to suit all participants. For they are aware of you and all who will listen to the channelings through time. You will have the possibility to ask questions directly to her spiritual guides at every workshop. Each workshop is recorded so that you can listen to the meditations again. 

In the column to the left you find all planned workshops and events with Cecilia Sifontes as well as a description of the timeless courses given so far. Most can be ordered as CDs/MP3s so that you can catch up on the immense knowledge and techniques shared from the higher dimensions of light.

You are welcome to participate in our seminars in the following ways:

1. Workshop:

Join us at the venue  together with like minded people, enjoying the benefits of a group energy

2. Webinar:

You can sometimes participate in our live-channeled courses by joining in remotely, listening to the talks and journeys that will be posted online during the seminar. The journeys will be available either for streaming or download, depending on the nature of the seminar. In the practical information about each of Cecilia's seminars you can see if it is offered by remote or not.

What is a Webinar? 

A Webinar is just like taking a regular seminar, only you stay at home and watch it on your computer in real time. 

Times are changing and modern technique makes it possible for us to connect in new ways. A webinar is a live online seminar during which you can listen to the seminar in realtime. Furthermore you can submit questions and comments and receive answers in realtime.  You can receive the broadcast when you have a good enough internet access and a modern computer. We suggest that you try out your internet speed before the Webinar to make sure that it works. Our organizers will be happy to assist you.